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What is ConsenSys NFT?

The ConsenSys NFT platform allows you to manage your NFT drops and secondary transactions using a feature-rich API that eliminates the frustrations of dealing with smart contracts. You can mint, list, display, and collect royalties and payments securely from non-fungible and semi-fungible assets with just a few simple API calls.

ConsenSys NFT stores your token's media files (metadata) on IPFS—a fully decentralized, immutable and permanent storage network. Meaning, no single entity (including ConsenSys NFT or the NFT creator) can change the content after you deploy the smart contract. Each minted token is automatically pinned on an IPFS node to ensure it will never be lost.

ConsenSys NFT currently supports ERC-721 and ERC-1155 based contracts on Mainnet, Goerli, Polygon, and Polygon Mumbai by default with support for additional EVM-compatible sidechains manually configurable.

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