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The Capability abstraction is used throughout the ConsenSys NFT platform. A capability is an array of JSON objects, containing the signatures of the related smart contract members (functions, events, etc.). A capability is associated with an Application Binary Interface (ABI).

Each time the platform interacts with a smart contract, it ensures that it has the required capabilities. This generic approach makes the platform compatible with a variety of smart contracts, even allowing users to bring their own custom contracts into the platform.

You can get the known capabilities ABIs from the public capabilities endpoint.

Feature mapping

The following table lists the most common capabilities and their equivalent platform features.

ERC721, ERC1155Collection contract deployment and item ownership transfer.
CONTRACT_ROYALTY, PER_TOKEN_ROYALTYItem and collection royalty management.
ADMIN_MINT_SINGLE, ADMIN_MINT_SINGLE_URI, ADMIN_MINT_SINGLE_URIFunctions to mint a single NFT per transaction.
MINT_VOUCHERFunction that mints NFTs based on the quantity of a voucher.
ADMIN_MINT_MULTIPLEFunction that mints multiple NFTs in one transaction.