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You can use both the ConsenSys NFT (CNFT) admin dashboard and APIs to perform tasks within the platform.

The admin dashboard allows you to perform simple tasks such as creating a collection and items, configuring organizational settings, and integrating third-party services.

The APIs support more advanced functionalities not exposed in the UI.

Admin dashboard

Use the following steps to properly set up your organization.

Generate your API key

An API key must be included in the header of all admin API requests.

To generate your API key, navigate to Account > Profile, and select Generate API key.

Invite users

Invite users to manage the organization. Users can have either an Admin or Member role depending on their authorization.

Navigate to Account > Users, and select Add a new user.

Customize your email templates

Customize your email template to design the emails sent to your customers.

Navigate to Email > Templates, and customize the organizational email templates.

Configure your email provider

You can select your email provider from Mailgun, AmazonSES, or a custom SMTP server provider if you already have an established domain. If left unselected, the emails are sent from

Navigate to Email > Providers, and select Use my own email provider.

Check your organization wallet

Check that your wallet is configured, or add additional wallets to your organization. Ensure your wallet is sufficiently funded to cover gas costs if the auto fund option is No.

Navigate to Settings > Wallets, and check your organization's operational wallet. Select Add wallet to add your own wallet.

Configure your organization payout address

Configure the wallet to receive primary sale revenue and royalties from your secondary sales.

Navigate to Settings > Fees and Royalties, and configure your organization payout address.


The platform fee is the percentage to be deducted from your sales and transferred to CNFT.

You can also configure the payout address using the API.

Configure your payment provider

CNFT supports multiple payment providers to accept payment for your NFTs.

Navigate to Settings > Payment Integrations, and configure your payment provider.

Configure webhooks

Add webhooks to receive notifications of events linked to your account.

Navigate to Settings > Webhooks to configure a new webhook.


CNFT provides a full suite of feature-rich APIs that extend beyond the UI. The APIs enable more advanced interactions with the smart contract with advanced features such as bulk create, lazy mint, randomization, and drop allocation.

Download or explore the complete API collection.

You can go through all requests sequentially by following the documentation.


Your collections are automatically picked up by marketplaces such as OpenSea. Entering the contract address in the OpenSea search bar leads you to the collection's page. Contact support to configure your OpenSea collection settings.