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Step 1: Log in to ConsenSys NFT and create a collection

Log in as an org admin

After log in, navigate to the Collections tab on the left panel. Select Create Collection.

Add your collection’s Name, Tags, Cover Image; make it Public; and Save.


For demonstration purposes, we will launch this collection on the Rinkeby testnet.


The NFTs in this collection are ERC-721 tokens with symbol EGG, but feel free to be creative and use your own name.

Item Type defines the metadata schema to associate with the NFTs. For EGG, define its Color, Pattern, Transparency, and Rarity. See more information about setting up custom item types.

Deploy the contract


Select Next, and you're ready to deploy the contact. It may take a few seconds to minutes for the contract to deploy.


Once the contract is successfully deployed, Contract Address displays next to Symbol, Network, and Token Type.

You now have an NFT collection live on the Rinkeby network.