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Step 2: Mint an NFT and list for sale

Mint an NFT

Navigate to the collection just created to mint your first NFT from it.

Fill out the metadata for the item with desired traits. Upload the media file. The platform currently accept jpg, jpeg, png, svg and gif files. We recommend uploading the best-quality version to share with your collectors.

When finished, select Save Collectible.


Proceed to Mint in the top right corner.

ConsenSys NFT provides the option to mint directly to an Ethereum address. If you don't choose this option, the token mints to the default organization wallet.


It will take a while for the blockchain to confirm, but when finished, Token Details displays with Network, Id, Contract Address, Owner, and Supply.


All the NFTs minted through the platform are automatically pinned on IPFS. This means that an IPFS node protects your data from garbage collection and keeps it on IPFS indefinitely.

Repeat the process until you have minted all the NFTs to drop.

List an NFT


Within the same page, select Sell in the top right corner.

For simplicity, list the EGG in fixed WETH. Enter the Price and Currency, and proceed. Note that a percentage of platform fees are deducted according to your organization’s service agreement with ConsenSys NFT. f tutorial-1-list-collectible

Once finished, all the actively listed items displays on the Collections page.